1. Introduction

Backendpy is an open-source framework for building the back-end of web projects with the Python programming language.

1.1. Why Backendpy?

This framework does not deprive developers of their freedom by restricting them to pre-defined structures, nor does it leave some repetitive and time-consuming tasks to the developer.

Some of the features of Backendpy are:

  • Asynchronous programming (ASGI-based projects)

  • Application-based architecture and the ability to install third-party applications in a project

  • Support of middlewares for different layers such as Application, Handler, Request or Response

  • Supports events and hooks

  • Data handler classes, including validators and filters to automatically apply to request input data

  • Supports a variety of responses including JSON, HTML, file and… with various settings such as stream, gzip and…

  • Router with the ability to define urls as Python decorator or as separate files

  • Application-specific error codes

  • Optional default database layer by the Sqlalchemy async ORM with management of sessions for the scope of each request

  • Optional default templating layer by the Jinja template engine

1.2. License

The Backendpy framework licensed under the BSD 3-Clause terms. The source code is available at https://github.com/savangco/backendpy.


This project is under active development.