4.1. Applications structure

In section Create a project, we talked about how to create and activate a basic application in a Backendpy-based project. In this section, we describe the complete components of an application.

As mentioned earlier, a Backendpy-based application does not have a predefined structure or constraint. In fact, the developer is free to implement the desired architecture for the application and finally import and configure all the components inside the main module of the application.

The main module of an application must contain an instance of the App class that is defined inside a variable called app. Below is an example of defining an app with all its possible parameters (which are used to assign components to an application):

from backendpy.app import App
from .controllers.handlers import routes
from .controllers.hooks import hooks
from .controllers.errors import errors
from .controllers.init import init_func

app = App(

An App class has the following parameters:

In the following, we will describe each of these components of the application, as well as other items that can be used in applications.